"We were so lucky to have found Cindy who has helped our little Georgie. He is a small beagle we adopted from Georgia. Having exhausted our training efforts, we were at a loss on our next step to assist with Georgie's changing behaviors with in his new environment. What a difference Cindy's healing sessions have made! Georgie seemed to know when the phone calls were going to be made and he reacted so well! Cindy's knowledge, advice and sessions with Georgie have lead us (and most importantly Georgie) into a new direction allowing us to better understand Georgie's behavior, reasons for his behavior and how to proceed with calming of his inner energy. Cindy's use of essential oils have made a difference with our little beagle. We continue to use them and he is a different dog!

Cindy, we cannot Thank You enough for what you have done for us! We continue to enjoy Georgie's new found personality and his ongoing progression towards happiness! Again, Thank You!!

- Paula B., Pennsylvania" 

“I wanted to let you know your session with Darla and the advanced treatment you used, as called for, is truly working!  But then I know your sessions always do!  Yesterday, she was still having trouble getting up and down and standing without her legs slipping out from under her, but this morning I could definitely see the effect of the session.   I know 24-48 hours... Today she is standing without slipping, less trouble getting up and down!  I have also been alternating the oils everyday….Thank you so very much!!! 

- Melissa R., New Jersey”

“Putting my precious dog Maverick into the healing hands of Cindy was a no brainer—she is one of the loveliest animal healers on this planet!  I knew my boy would be grateful to receive her work.  As requested by Cindy, I told him the night before his treatment that she would be giving him an energy healing treatment at 2:30 pm the next day.  Not surprisingly, five minutes before his treatment began Maverick came into the house from outside, walked into his kennel, and lay down as if he were waiting for his appointment with Cindy.  It was uncanny, but really neat.   

The results of the treatment have been wonderful!  Even his posture has changed for the better.  Usually quite klutzy, his gait was now balanced and strong.  And his excitability about people walking outside our house has tempered a lot.  He no longer is barking like a mad-man.  And what melts my heart to no end is that he seems so much more comfortable, at ease and confident.  He has a very “all-is-well” presence about him.  The added benefit to Cindy’s treatment is that I no longer feel anxious or worried about Maverick—so buyer beware, you too will experience a glorious energetic shift.

I highly recommend Cindy to anyone who loves their animals to the moon and back, and I am so grateful for the work she is doing on this planet! 

- Diana B., California”

“When I had met Cindy I was unfamiliar with energy work and to be honest I was a bit skeptical.  After hearing her speak on multiple occasions through a networking event I knew I had to have her meet my cat.  My cat is about a year old and she was given to me as a birthday gift from my boyfriend.  At first, our 14 year old dog was skeptical of the new family member, but over time grew to accept her.  The cat never seemed to like me, even though she was my gift!  After just talking with Cindy for the first time I noticed a change in my cat’s behavior.  She was aggressive with me a lot less than normal and was even beginning to warm up to me. She even fell asleep on my chest one night, which was a huge change from the normal scratching/biting she usually did when in my presence. The cat is never friendly to visitors or much interested in them.  However, when Cindy arrived at the house she warmed right up to her sniffing her hand and rubbing on her.  I truly believe the energy session brought me and my cat together and I think she feels more accepted as a part of our family.

- Stephanie L., Pennsylvania”

“We have 2 border collies and 2 cats- Our one border collie, Bessie is 14 years old and has been showing her age for months- losing her eye sight, needing to be carried from one room to the next and losing interest in eating.

When my husband and I made plans this winter to go away for 3 weeks, we were incredibly nervous leaving her. Cindy provided energy work to Bess before we left. We noticed right away that she began sleeping less and had a bit more energy. When we were away, our dog sitters told us that her appetite increased and she began eating more!  

We came home to an old, but energetic girl who continues to eat a lot, come outside with us and once again has that spunky look in her eye!  And, her chronic runny nose has stopped.

We are so grateful for Cindy’s healing and intuitive work!

- Annmarie C., PA”