I provide relief to animals of open-minded, energetically aware, loving pet parents like you to go from the frustration of not knowing how to help their pet suffering from health, past abuse, behavior or end of life issues to the joy of knowing their pet can be playful, relaxed, calm and ready for whatever is next.

The Touched By A Paw® Process:

  • Explore Your Pet’s Current Health

    You know how stressed out you can get when you don’t know what’s wrong with your pet. Together we’ll take a comprehensive look at your pet’s condition, explore your concerns and examine the impact all of this is having on your family and your lifestyle.

  • Conduct An Energetic Assessment

    It’s frustrating when you don’t know how to help your pet overcome their challenges. I’ll share your pet’s energy resources with you and explain how it impacts you and your pet.

  • Determine the Optimum Energetic Treatment Plan

    It can be confusing if there is more than one option of how to treat your pet. How do you know what’s best for your pet? Together we will determine the optimum approach to providing relief and initiating the healing response.

  • Perform Energy Therapy Techniques and Reassess

    How will you know that the treatment is working? As your pet is receiving the treatments, you will begin to observe signs of relaxation in your pet which will kick-start the healing process. At the conclusion of each treatment you will see the difference in your pet’s energy resources.

  • Outline a Plan for Future Continued Peace of Mind

    How do you know what the next best steps are so that the healing continues and your pet can always be at the top of their game?

Together we will craft a unique plan for your pet for future treatments that will optimize their energetic make-up and ensure continued healing. This will result in the playful, calm and relaxed animal you know your pet can be.